Sewing covers

We undertake the sewing of covers of any shape and difficulty of sofa – armchair – recliner. Experienced staff visits your space and cuts the fabric that you have already chosen for the sewing of the covers, then after the sewing is completed in our specialized tailor our craftsman comes to your space again and proceeds to its application.

Professional tailor

Our 3 specialized sewing machines provide you with the possibility of sewing any decorative construction.

– curtains (home-professional-theatrical) and novels

– pillows of any shape – size

– pouf covers and sunbeds for business spaces

– business tablecloths (with safety seam)

– any special construction for your business or home

– bed linen (blankets) for hotels

– restaurant chair cover seam

Take measures and placement

We have technicians for the professional taking of measures and for the installation of curtains, curtain rods and shading systems that undertake work throughout the territory.

Replacement and application of foam and movable furniture elements

We provide you with a wide variety of pillow stuffing and foam qualities

– many different qualities of foam

– pillow fillings (per kilo): cotton, polyester (comforel), latex, feather, foam foam etc.

Decorating tips

We have experienced decorating partners who can undertake the overall configuration of your professional or home space and suggest ideal solutions.