The fabric area is a family affair for us.

Our journey and our love for the fabric begins in 1970, when Stelios Besis established the first industrial unit in Greece for the recycling and processing of raw materials in the field of textiles, the final product of which he exported throughout Europe and for which he was rewarded. for decades with productivity premiums for Greek industry. The second generation – Sozos, Virginia and Rania – inherited the deep technical knowledge in the fabric but also grew up in the international fabric markets. Having this experience as a springboard, we travel ourselves all over the European and Asian world of fabric and we constantly enrich a unique, for the Greek data, collection of fabrics for curtains and furniture, upholstery, shading items, outdoor areas, sheets and special constructions . So our customers rightly refer to our stores as fabric boutiques.

Our further training in the field of interior design, aesthetics, art history and retail allows us to provide you with a strictly personalized service experience in our stores that meets your real needs and implements even the most technical, demanding applications in the fabric with consistency and professionalism.

Our specialization in technically demanding installations is presumed through our many years of collaboration with distinguished set designers of the National Theater, the Opera House, the Art Theater and the House of Letters and Arts. If the greatest artists in the field of scenography trust us in terms of know-how, aesthetic care and mechanical support of the constructions, imagine what we can do for your personal or professional space. We choose the demanding constructions because they are challenges for our work that excite our imagination and creativity.


We are the only ones in the Greek market that offer sewing of covers in your space and application, regardless of the shape or dimensions of your furniture. Listening to the needs of Greek households, in this testing period we are going through, we have organized a portable sewing and measurement department that allows us to offer a seam cover equal to wallpaper at the most competitive price on the market.

For 20 years, our company has been equipping hotels, public catering establishments, ships and boats with hotel clothing items, slow-burning certification fabrics and waterproof, tablecloths. We offer the innovative service in the field of mass catering of the design and weaving of the customer’s personalized name on the tablecloth. We cover every need of the Greek hotelier and shopkeeper throughout the territory, from the smallest to the largest unit.

We offer:

  • Sewing covers in your space and application
  • Professional tailor
  • Measures and decorative assessment
  • Placement
  • Change / application of foam and movable furniture elements
  • Special constructions of technical claims
  • Consistency and professionalism